Create an 'Infinity' Blend At Your Own Home Bar

Crystal Glass Whisky Decanter | WhiskyWhiskey.Co
Among some modern whiskey, or whisky, enthusiasts a new trend has sprouted up that you’d most likely find when dealing with your mother’s spaghetti recipe. The practice of maintaining an ‘infinity bottle’ is the philosophy of the eyeball pour, adding a little of this and a little of that to a bottle to create infinite new and unique blends of whiskey. Simply top off an existing bottle with the remains of an old bottle that you think might pair well together and you’ve crossed the first boundary. Now, as you drink up, just keep refilling with whatever sounds and tastes good to create interesting new experiences every time you sit down and pour yourself a glass. Most people generally stick to a single type of spirit at a time, not many sane people are creating a whiskey and tequila infinity blend anytime soon but whiskey, rum, and even ‘gin-finity’ bottles are popular with enthusiasts. Pick up a great decanter in our store to house your new special science project! 
A couple tips for the budding infinity bottle enthusiast, start with a nice (and tastebud tested) whiskey that you enjoy. Label your bottle with each new addition so you can easily list the ingredients of your finely-tuned elixir. Next, it is generally best to select a whiskey with a contrasting flavor profile. Started with all-American corn whiskey? Try a smoky scotch to add depth to your blend. Add more whiskey at your transgression, but for a beginning blend, two is sufficient. Then, finally, let it rest! Let it still, and only rock the bottle gently if you feel the need to mix at all. No heavy shaking here!
If any of you have done any infinity blends in the past, let us know what worked or didn’t for you in the comments.